Successful marketing relationships begin with what we call discovery. It's much more than shaking hands, it's beginning a meaningful dialog. Questions are asked, answers are given and the foundation of a relationship is formed. During our discovery we absorb as much as possible about our client's business.

Next comes definition. This is when we chart a path to reach a client's objectives. We formalize our strategy and spell out the tactics we'll use to meet each objective. We create budgets, we analyze media and project results. No matter how big or small the project is, a well defined work plan will always yield a better result.

Then comes execution. This is where we apply our skills. We combine our client's vision with our creativity and the latest technology. We craft the right message and we communicate it to the right audience by using the right media at the right time.

Finally, comes nurturing. Like anything that needs to evolve, a commitment to success in advertising and marketing doesn't end when a campaign concludes or a brochure is delivered. We remain committed to each of our clients long after the core work is complete.